What is Celebrity Photography

Photography is an art, science and practice of producing images through recording light and other electromagnetic radiation. It can be done electronically through an image sensor or by chemical means like photographic film. Through the lens, the light is emitted or reflected from the image of the real object. By using an electronic image sensor, electrical charges were produced at each pixel that is processed electronically and stored in digital image file for further processing.  Photography is utilized in different fields of science, business and manufacturing. It is also used for recreational purposes, mass communication and art.

Shooting celebrities in an art...


Celebrity Photography is the branch of photojournalism in which they gathered and edit pictures and they present this picture or the material in the news. This subset of photography focuses on celebrities popular in different aspects such as politics, sports and arts. In the newspaper and magazines there are three types of the photographs for the celebrity and these are the following: paparazzi, event photography, and the celebrity portraiture. On these three main types of celebrity photography you will see in this article on how the photographer works in different related events and in other themes of events.